Everyone Dies Alone

I just left an awesome church service tonight. I even sang in a large choir during worship and really felt the presence of God in my life and I received the words of inspiration from the speaker. During the worship service I stood among a multitude of people whom I didn’t know, and I lifted my hands to God, singing songs of praise out of my heart. Honestly, it was an amazing feeling to sing and be a part of a choir.

After the worship was over, and I went off stage to sit in my seat. I sat down and crossed my legs, as I made myself comfortable and prepared my mind to receive the words from the speaker/evangelist from North Carolina or Tennessee (I don’t know exactly where he’s from), yet I felt an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.

Now, mind you, the church building is fully packed! There’s probably around 2000 people easily at the service, but as I sit on my row which is close to the stage, there are at least four empty seats to my left and my right. As my eyes face the stage, I glance around to see various people I know and friends in my peripheral vision, and they are all either sitting next to someone; be it their wives, one of their friends, or maybe a stranger. While I sit by myself, solitary.

Driving home after church, I came to a realization. It may seem a little depressing, and it is, but believe me it’s true nonetheless. I had a revelation.

Everyone dies alone.

This truth may have no real meaning to some people; but, it meant something to me at that moment. Everyone will eventually die, and no one can take anything they accumulated in this life with them… friends, money, material possessions… nothing.

That truth also made me realize that not everyone truly lives. And since I don’t want to live alone, I need to start living my life to the fullest while I have the chance.

I just turned 35 a few weeks ago. And scrolling through pictures of myself in my teens and 20’s, I see how age has affected me and everyone else in those images. I will not live my life vicariously through other people. Life is short. Time flies. Memories fade and the people who truly love you will always love you. Live life to the fullest while you can, because everyone dies alone.

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I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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