The Inequality of Judgment: What If Kris Jenner Was A Black Man?

Today I feel the need to call out Kris Jenner. This is more than your usual celebrity gossip. I want to highlight the inequality of judgment society has for different people. I will also touch on topics such as: feminism, sexual exploitation, prostitution, family, morals, etc.

I’m generally not interested in celebrity gossip. However, a few days ago my brother asked me if I heard about how Ray J went on social media in an effort to expose the Kardashians on their lies regarding how they manipulated a story about their infamous sex tape and used to garner media attention so to generate money and fame. Initially, I dismissed the conversation and thought nothing of it. Until I watched a podcast by The Lead Attorney on the whole issue earlier this morning. After watching the podcast, I felt compelled to share my opinion on this.

Ok. I’m around the same age as Ray J and Kim Kardashian. So, I definitely remember when their sex tape came out. And, honestly I have never seen the sex tape to this very day. I’ve watched porn like everyone else, but being a country boy from Louisiana… I was more focused on surviving and hustling than trying to keep up with the lifestyles of barely known celebrities.

Plus, the sex tape was made before social media existed as we now know it. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were not even created when the sex tape was released into the media.

When this sex tape was released, no one would ever assume the Kardashians would become the Hollywood media moguls they are today. At the time Kris Jenner was already wealthy with some fame, but I believe when she saw the media attention Paris Hilton received, she then exploited her daughters, along with her business savvy, to influence the beauty industry and reality television with their sex appeal.

As I think to myself, what is so special about the Kardashians? It doesn’t matter. Yet, I have to acknowledge that Kris Jenner and the Kardashians have single handedly made it less taboo for young women to get plastic surgery. That is influence.

What is Ray J accusing the Kardashians of?

Lying, manipulating. Point blank.

The same thing women accuse men of doing all the time.

Ray J insists that Kris Jenner lied about her alleged involvement in the release of the sex tape with Kim Kardashian. He and Kim made multiple sex tapes, and he said Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner watched the footage and “made a decision” about which tape to release. Wow! He also stated he may file a lawsuit for defamation.

What does Ray J’s accusations even mean?

If Ray J files a lawsuit for defamation, and he can prove everything he stated… the ramifications of it all could be a lot. Obviously he would get some type of monetary settlement. However, the Kardashian family would lose their integrity and credibility, which is very big. Plus Hulu could also be held liable for broadcasting defaming content as well.

More importantly, Ray J’s accusation essentially brought truth to the myth that Kim’s mother pimped out her daughter.

Jason… How do you feel about all of this?

It angers me so much when I see media/society/socialites (ultimately anyone with a soapbox 🙂 ) offer praise and opportunity to a woman who promotes sexually explicit content when selling her daughter’s sex tape for money and fame… even when she was already rich. Yet, the media, feminists and #MeToo movement have nothing to say about equality, as they would never stand up for Ray J. Though he agreed to have sex with Kim on tape, faced scrutiny for the past 20 years based off a false narrative. Which is ultimately the story of many black men.

Just imagine, if Kris Jenner was a black man (and hypothetically this happened). Some businesses would have cut ties with him immediately after someone threatened his integrity. His reality show would be cancelled. And, he would be publicly scorned for pimping his daughter by signing a contract to sell his 23-year-old daughter’s sex tape.

We have to acknowledge this wouldn’t even be news if the Kardashians didn’t recently lie about it over and over and over. As they recently spoke on the sex tape scandal on both their reality show and on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

It’s not my intention to paint women in a bad light. But I will definitely acknowledge the truth in all this. I do not judge Kris Jenner for her alleged lies. I do not think any different about her today than I did yesterday. As she is just another rich person who has benefited from American society. And, ultimately this will probably blow over like a paper bag in the back of a truck.

I’m always held accountable for my actions and even judged for things I don’t do. So yes… it angers me when I see someone cause another black man like myself to suffer, and then somehow avoid the consequences of their actions.

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