2020 Happy New Year! Now What?

It’s the first day of a new decade. That’s something to celebrate! Yet, I have never been too high on celebrating things or days in history (except for Christmas and Thanksgiving, those are my favorite days of the year). So, even though I heard music and fireworks outside my apartment last night, I sat happily on my couch sipping on hot chocolate while watching one of my favorite films before I drifted to sleep.

Now that it’s the first day of the new year, and we want to achieve the goals we set for ourselves this year. The question I ask myself is…. “Now what?” At the beginning of each year most, if not all, Americans create new years resolutions. In most cases at least one will deal with being more healthy and fit. Which many can only sustain for a few months, as life happens. Just like Mike Tyson notoriously once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Well, 2019 punched me in my mouth (figuratively). In 2020 I will be ready for those punches and also better prepared to receive favor and new blessings.

Personal captured image of the set- The Magnificent Seven (2015)

I remember about 4-5 years ago in the summer of 2015, I worked on a film with Denzel Washington. It was my first time being on a film set everyday for over 3 months. Usually, when working on film or commercials casting and production assistants tell you not to speak nor approach starring actors and/or celebrities. But, since we all were in the middle of nowhere and dealing with the hot Louisiana summer, certain rules became blurred at various times. So, it was not uncommon for me to eat lunch or speak frankly with major actors like Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke, just to pass the time between scenes.

However, Denzel was different. He didn’t fraternize with anyone. He only appeared during his scenes and generally left the set soon afterwards. One day I saw him sitting by himself and I made the decision to walk over and speak to him, as we all were waiting for the next scene to be filmed.

The only casted black background actors on set

I was honestly a little nervous. and I said, “Hi, I love your films. I just wanted to have the chance to speak to you; my name is Jason.” I just said how I felt. He shook my hand. Denzel sat silently and looked at me eye to eye while I spoke, then after I finished he paused and said very seriously, “Ok. Now you’ve met me, so what now.” In the moment I didn’t know how to respond to that. I don’t remember saying anything after he spoke. All I remember is walking back to where I was and thinking to myself, “I’ll never have that moment again! I forfeited that opportunity for any possibilities by not having a plan.”

That experience helped me better understand why all entrepreneurs, especially those in the entertainment industry, practice a 5-30 second elevator speech. As you never know when an opportunity will present itself… and it’s possible you only may have one chance at it. Whether it’s meeting a woman I’m interested in, obtaining a great career opportunity, or getting connected with people who can change your life. I learned not only do I need courage when pursuing my desires, I also need to be prepared and have a tactical plan.

My new years resolution for 2020 is to be a better me.

I want to be more disciplined in how I manage my time and energy, be a great father, practice good stewardship in my finances, save money, place more efforts in pursuing personal passions and be more willing to engage in new relationships. Happy New Year!

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