Working Out – A Current Struggle

For probably the first time in my life, working out has become a struggle for me. I know that having a healthy diet, working out, staying slim and fit comes at a price. Even though I was blessed to be born with a tall slender body frame, just in the past few months I feel that I put on about 10 lbs of fat. It’s not that bad, but everyday I look in the mirror I’m like “Jason, get your medium-sized butt in the gym! 🙂 “. I just haven’t gone. I’ve just been a little busy at times, too tired, a little depressed, and I just haven’t had that strong passion and desire to spend the energy it takes to do everything associated with it, like… put on the right clothes and shoes, walk over to the gym, work out, come back, change clothes, eat, bathe, etc.

Throughout my adult life I have always enjoyed being active, whether it was volunteering with friends at events, playing basketball with friends during the week, or going to the gym alone and working out for a few hours. Now, I don’t have any friends calling/texting me to go anywhere really. I also have more life responsibilities and less time to spend on myself. If I were being truly honest, there are many reasons to eat right, but the main conviction for me to workout may be a little vain. As I want to feel confident about my body and attractive when I look in the mirror. Do you think that’s bad? I wish I had a better reason but I don’t 🙂 .

The 10 lbs of fat hasn’t really changed how I look or how I fit in my jeans, but with that weight gain I have also lost muscle weight because I haven’t been eating proteins and building muscle. So, my body is starting to feel weaker because I have also lost strength. Which is a big thing for me.

One thing that’s good, I feel like I can easily lose the weight and put on some muscle because I know the exact reasons how/why I gained the weight, which were…

  • Sitting at a computer desk
  • My metabolism is slowing down as I get older
  • Not paying attention to my daily calorie intake
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Stress

I don’t lie to myself about my habits. Right now the morale of our country is at stake as the recent Impeachment Hearings continue, as the country wants the truth about President Trump’s actions and statements. But, one of the biggest lies to me are how they promote those elliptical machine commercials.

First of all, who has the time to ride those bikes when they’re at home? Then they have attractive women and men in their 30’s riding the bikes in their homes overlooking beautiful mountainous areas and valleys. Knowing that 99% of Americans don’t live in homes where they could even comfortably fit an electric exercise bike in their bedroom or living room area. Oh well, I suppose I just hate exercise bike commercials 🙂 .

Had to vent about that. Writing about my feelings and acknowledging my shortfalls also help me to overcome my struggles. I going to plan to go workout tonight since the gym is open 24 hours.

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