How Do You Show & Receive Love?

Do you know your love language? Feeling loved means so much to me. I know that my love language is Quality Time and Physical Touch. As I am becoming more mature and the more I talk/write about love, I realize that even the definition of the word “LOVE” can easily be misinterpreted; as the word’s meaning is usually more so based on how the hearer interprets it, instead of in the context in how it’s used.

This weekend is Valentine’s Day… and I promise you there will be so many couples telling each other these three words, “I Love You”, and even more people who wish they had someone to tell it to :). Men all over the country will be buying heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, flowers and candy. And, women will be buying… uh… I don’t know, I’ll leave that one alone, lol. Every nice restaurant will be packed with couples going on a romantic date. However, after the day passes and the rose pedals lose their radiance, if a couple wants their relationship to last… it’ll be wise for them to find out their partner’s love language.

Just as it’s better to do something, than not to do anything at all. It’s better to be sensitive to the love language of your partner, so when you show love they will receive it.

Why would you plan an evening of kissing and hugging, when your partner’s love language isn’t Physical Touch? It wouldn’t be wise to cook a special dinner for your partner, when your partner’s love language is Receiving Gifts; they would probably want you to buy them roses or a necklace, or maybe have a present delivered to their job.

This past weekend I was with my girlfriend and we kissed for the first time. I’m smiling thinking about it :). OK.. well, I didn’t plan on it happening, but when it did, I really felt that she loved me. She didn’t have to buy me anything or do anything for me to feel loved. But, not all men have Physical Touch as their love language. A lot of women think that all men want is S-E-X… sex, when it comes to them showing love to their man. Yeah, it’s true most men want sex. But, we men are more complex than some may think, and if you’re in a real relationship, what every man really wants is to feel supported by his woman, more than anything else… many men receive love and feel loved through Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.

Last year around this time I was alone, and even though now I have a girlfriend I’ll still be spending Valentine’s Day alone this year because she lives in another state. Hey, it’s all good… it definitely won’t be like this next year 😉 . You know Valentine’s Day usually arouses the affectionate nature inside all of us, including both men and women, and it’s easy for single people to engage in meaningless temporary love and sex simply out of mere loneliness. If you’re single, fight off those feelings! Go get a movie, some popcorn or some pizza, sit on your couch and call it a night! Be patient. Save yourself for your husband/wife… your Valentine is probably out there in the same situation as you, waiting on someone to love 🙂 .

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