An Unforgettable Weekend!!

This is a story that captures just a few days of my life. In this past weekend I had the chance to experience the most beautiful memories that will last me a lifetime. I also was able to spend quality time with some great people and create relationships that I feel will last me a lifetime. The occasion: One of my best friend’s wedding. The place: Monroe, LA.  The experience: An Unforgettable Weekend!!

On The Road To Monroe

My journey begins on the road into Monroe.  I was hurrying all morning, and after completing some needed chores I packed my bags and left home without an adequate map of the highways and byways of countryside Louisiana; though I did print out a map and since I have GPS on my cell phone, I assumed that it wouldn’t be any problems driving to Monroe. Wrong!  🙂

As I was driving on a highway, going in and out of small towns of Louisiana and Mississippi, I suddenly became aware that I had no idea of where I was nor how far it took to get to where I needed to be. I began to look at the map and directions I printed out, but it was no help. I tried to get check my phone for directions, no cell phone signal. Aghhh!  Then, I look up and I’m going 60mph, and a cop on the side of the road turns on their lights… I already know what up’s. 60 in a 45. All in all, that’s a story within itself, but I was blessed to have not gotten detained at the police station. So, now I’m back on the road again, leaving Ferriday, LA, going about 35 in a 55 :), with a receipt of payment of a $300 fine in my pocket, and without a drivers license (the police took it). Aghhh!

Arriving in Monroe

Finally, I’m in Monroe! My GPS is even working on my phone, so everything’s going about right. I’ve even talked to Bellagio, Tiffany told him to call and check on me. Though I arrived there about 2 hours later than what I had planned, I’m feeling good now that I’m finally there.

Pulling up to Tiffany’s house, I go up to the front door to knock… but, no one answers. But, I hear someone in there, so I just wait. No one comes to the door, so as I extend my finger to press the door bell, a man comes out another door under the car garage and asks me who I was, I then told him who I was, he then told me to just sit in the living room with the dog. I was a little nervous, so I just did what he told me to do, and he just walked off without greeting me or telling me who he was… Now, right now I’m like, am I at the right house?

After a few minutes the crew arrived 🙂 … Tiffany, Bellagio, and the Mac (**I’m just using nicknames to be funny**). We then went to get the wedding dress fitted and afterwards, go to the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner party. Now, I haven’t seen Tiffany in years, and I’m just meeting for the first time her friends, Bellagio and the Mac, but for some reason we all just naturally synced together as friends, as if we had known each other for years. I have never experienced that type of immediate bonding between strangers ever, it was as if we went from strangers to good friends in 5 minutes! It was amazing.

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Party

We are on our way to the party… and guess what? We’re late. Haha. Frank is calling me and Tiffany wondering why she’s late, people are waiting for Tiffany to arrive to start the party, people who I don’t even know have somehow gotten my phone number and calling me asking for her. Plus I’m driving in a foreign town not really knowing where I am. But, it’s all good because I’m just happy to be there with them to celebrate the thing that is most important, which is Tiffany and Frank’s wedding.

Arriving there at the party, which was held at a African-American history museum of some sort, I walk into the building to see some people talking beside some art pieces, the art pieces were life-sized wax figures of historical black people. And, I almost mistook one of the guests of the party as an art piece :P… it was crazy, lol.

The rehearsal dinner went pretty well, with a few exceptions :-)… everyone had the opportunity to speak their peace about Frank and Tiffany. And, leaving I believe everyone knew that Tiffany was getting the ‘Cream of the Crop’, when she was getting Frank as a husband.

The Bachelor Party

After the dinner, everyone was looking to see what the best man had in store for us guys for a bachelor party. All the girls went with Tiffany to her bachelorette party. Bellagio and I are just kind of like, “What’s up? Let’s do something.” But nothing was planned, so we went to Frank’s parents house to chill out and help prepare programs for the wedding.

This is my first time meeting Frank’s parents and family, and though at the time I didn’t want to go to his parents house, I realize now that to really get to know someone, you need to visit their home and spend time with them at their home. I met Frank’s family, and had a chance to create a meaningful relationship with his family, as I spent some real quality time downloading music from his father’s computer and talking with his sister and cousin, Jessica and Leah.

The Wedding Day

I wake up a little sweaty from sleeping in a room with no A/C, and to the noise of people coming and leaving Tiffany’s house. I woke up a little cranky, because I really didn’t get hardly any sleep. But, no matter, after a shower and some breakfast at IHOP with the Mac, I was in good spirits. I also spent some time running errands with the Mac, for Tiffany

It’s now sometime around 1pm. Me and the Mac pick up Bellagio at his hotel and then head towards Tiffany’s house to get ready for the wedding at 4pm. Soon after we arrive, Tiffany returns from getting her hair and makeup done. Now, phones are going off constantly from various people wanting to talk, and from people who are trying to get all the food and decorations set up for the wedding. Then all of a sudden Tiffany’s mom calls her… her mom doesn’t have a dress for the wedding! Something happened and she doesn’t have a dress. So, we’re all in contemplation on how her mom is going to find a dress in 2 hours or less! So, Bellagio, the Mac, and I volunteer to go to the mall and find something for her as quick as possible.. I won’t even try to go into all of that :-). But, it ended up somehow she got a dress, and it wasn’t the one we picked out for her from the mall.

OK, the gang (Bellagio, the Mac, and I) is heading back from the mall so we can get ready for the wedding, but we can’t get ready because as soon as we arrive at Tiffany’s house we are given another task of delivering food to the caterers at the wedding. Time is running out, I don’t know where I’m going, Bellagio is getting directions on his iphone by the second, of where to turn and go, because neither one of us is from Monroe to know where anything is at. Alright, we finish delivering the food, and we drive back to get ourselves ready. We miss about 60% of the actual wedding, but to me it’s all good because really I’m having so much fun hanging out with the gang and doing things together.

Let’s End it Here

It’s so many more things that went on during this weekend that were just so crazy and memorable. I feel those experiences were special and needed only to be shared with those who experienced it with me.

All in all the wedding went well, everyone smiled and there were no drastic problems, and everyone woke up the next morning and smiled because though the wedding only lasted one day, we all know that Frank and Tiffany’s marriage will last a lifetime.

I learned a lot this past weekend, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I learned a lot about myself as well as others. I just thank God for meaningful relationships. My prayer is that all can experience real love in their lives, and constantly are affirmed that they are loved just for who they are. I believe that the greatest gifts you are able to give someone is your time, your devotion and your love. Tiffany, Frank, Marisa, Jarrett, Jessica, Kim, Leah, and my little cutey pie Jalen Rose… spending time with you was a blast! You guys are beautiful. Love you guys!

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