‘Tis the Season of Giving and Sharing Love

It is a week and a half from Thanksgiving… oh how the last few months have passed in time.  I vaguely even remember how the year started off, though at the time I know that I would have to have felt well assured that this would be a year of blessing while I planned to focus the majority of my attention upon the task of completing my second degree.  The year is almost over, and next month I will have lived 32 years on earth.  Grasping all these thoughts I become without thought or the desire to rationalize it all, as I sit tonight and listen to Christmas music, I eagerly await the holiday season.

The holiday season is my favorite part of the year.  There has always been a magic around Christmas, and I love that magical feeling about Christmas which encourages everyone to care about other people, give to them, share things with them, and simply put, having the time and ability to be with them and love them.  The season is basically a celebration of historical events, fairytales, and fictional characters, all which contribute to the fun and memories of it all; I love it!

Just think back to when you were a kid, someone told you that an old jolly long-bearded obese man actually lived in the north pole (or amongst the ice over the Arctic Ocean), and his primary goal in life was to fly around on a sled and give you gifts once a year.  And, I don’t care what anyone says, but at one time or another in their childhood I know a lot of people, if not all, have believed it to be true.  People are so gullible for love 🙂 .

Today’s church service was awesome this morning.  My pastor preached on how faith in God, along with wisdom, will overcome any financial problem.  The message was primarily focused on faith in finances, but more than anything else what I got out of it was that people love people..who love people.  Seeing my pastor’s heart towards people, and his love for God just made me realize more of the fact that.. I am loved by God.  What moves my heart more than anything is seeing people who care.

So what do I mean by that?  Ok, here’s a story.

CARING:  I love my church.  I do not attend my church because of my amount of close lifelong friendships and social interaction.  But, one important reason why I attend is because of my poignant memories of the people who have cared for me at times when I needed it the most.  Recently, I am beginning to feel ostracized by some of my church members who associate with me, feeling ignored seeing their inability to show care or concern for my feelings in the most casual normal interactions; then if they do have the audacity to make an effort to speak to me, the insincere ingenuity of their heart shows in their smile.  My need or expectation to be shown kindness and an unselfish sincere genuine care, in some occasions are just not met.  I then question if the duties of being a church member/volunteer can give anyone a right to be insincere in interacting with me.  Maybe my expectations of people are too high, I don’t know.  I find that strangers are usually more polite than people who I’ve known for years.. it can be crazy, and that’s real.  All in all, I still am learning how to ignore ignorant people, regardless if they attend church with me or not  🙂 .  It’s just hard not to expect to be shown care, when you’re in an environment or atmosphere of love.

I love people who care.  I am always reminded of the parable of the Good Samaritan (To all of those who don’t know the story, read it in Luke 10:30-37).  The story begins, as a supposed innocent man, after being beaten, lay on the ground seeking help from passer-by’s.  As he lies there, priests, holy men, and respected men pass him by just giving him only words of encouragement.  They might have said with a smile, “Hey how are you”, or maybe, “You be blessed, everything’s going to work out.”  Yet a Samaritan (a regular person) stopped at the sight of the beaten man in his poor condition, and actually helped him and took care of him.  I feel that most people to some extent care about you, and their care does have value, but I do greatly value those who not only care about me, but also care about my feelings and condition of my heart.

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