When is the last time you had a dream that scared you or made you think in a different perspective, or allowed you to really understand your feelings about someone?  Many times in the scripture God will use the setting or framework of a dream mind state to give revelation to someone, or send them a message or just speak to them.

There are so many examples of this in the Old Testament in Genesis, like when God spoke to Abimelech when he took Abraham’s wife, Sarah, because Abraham told Abimelech that Sarah was his sister, and deceived him for not telling Abimelech that she was actually Abraham’s wife.  Another example would be when God came to Jacob in a dream, telling him to stop working for Laban and go home.  And, I’m not even going to go into Joseph and Daniel; on, and on, and on I could go.

In the New Testament, the apostle John’s vision from God that inspired him to write Revelation, the final book of the Bible, was given to him, “…in the Spirit” (Revelation 1:10 NASB), as he was exiled on the isle of Patmos.  Now, what does that mean, being ‘in the Spirit’?  In my study I have found that when it is used in the Bible it can refer to just being inspired, or having inspiration, or being spiritual led to do something.  It can also mean just simply what it says, ‘in the Spirit’; but, I believe their are not too many people, including Christians, who can wrap their minds around the full meaning of what that means.  So, when I read,

[Acts 19:21 – Now after these things were finished, Paul purposed in the Spirit to go to Jerusalem after he had passed through Macedonia and Achaia, saying, “After I have been there, I must also see Rome.”]

I feel that in the context of how the phrase was used leads me to believe that Paul’s spirit was leading (inspired) him to go to a destination, therefore he was not in a dream state while in that situation.  And, when I read,

[Revelation 1:10 – I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet,]

I feel that the apostle John was either having a vision (or dream) on the isle of Patmos, when writing the book of Revelation.  First foremost because one can accurately assume by his writing, that the things his eyes beheld were heavenly, and not of this earth.  In the following scriptures it can be seen how dreams and visions are apart of life, and specifically how God uses them.

Genesis 46:2 NASB – 2 God spoke to Israel in visions of the night and said, “Jacob, Jacob.” And he said, “Here I am.”

Jeremiah 23:28 NASB – 28 The prophet who has a dream may relate his dream, but let him who has My word speak My word in truth. What does straw have in common with grain?” declares the LORD.

Numbers 12:6-8 NASB – 6 He said, “Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, shall make Myself known to him in a vision.  I shall speak with him in a dream.  7 “Not so, with My servant Moses, he is faithful in all My household; 8 With him I speak mouth to mouth, even openly, and not in dark sayings, and he beholds the form of the LORD… 

I wrote all of that just because I like studying the Bible.  No other reason.  Last night I had a bad dream.

The dream was crazy, it was demonic, it was insane.  I almost feel that it was a dream within a dream, or maybe not, I don’t know.  I don’t want to seem weird, not that I really care if I’m weird or not, but just to state that I’m a regular person.  So, let me get on with it and tell you about it… well, I remember it like this.


DREAM setting:  I was going back and forth from a house that was split in half to another house that was split in half, and both adjoined each other as if it were simply one house.  The living room of both houses were next to each other so I could go back and forth.  In the end part of the dream, slowly one of the houses completely vanished and I was left in one of the house which were cut in half.  I believe it was night time, in the dream; it was very dark or gloomy at times.

DREAM storyline:  Fully alert, I was in a dark room, and I felt something scratching my back lightly.  I didn’t feel awkward, I didn’t really care; I like back scratches.  Then as time passed, I moved from the dark room into another room in the house.  There I could see my brother and my cousin in the other house doing something with a laptop and the TV.  Whatever they were doing it wasn’t working, so I remarked to them to come over where I was to hook up my laptop to the TV; but we didn’t have a cord long enough to make it work.  So they started switching out the TV’s in different rooms to do whatever it was they wanted to do.

I then told my brother about the back scratching room.  And, as I enter the room, I feel demons pulling me, biting at me, and I’m struggling to move and get out from their grip.  So I even start to bite and fight them, wrestle with them.  I do everything I can to get out, but nothing I could do was enough.  I am getting desperate and am scared out of my mind, as I realize that I’m dealing with something spiritual and not physical.  I can’t see hardly anything but shadows.  I now begin to start trying to cry out to Jesus; but my voice is taken from me.  I struggle to get words out of my mouth about God, and the demons laugh at me.  Then I begin to sing hymns.  —-  At this time I remember opening my eyes in my bed frightened, I think I may have been singing in my sleep.  I don’t know —-  But, as I quickly closed my eyes, I was back in the dream.

As the demons were constantly clawing at me, I specifically remember trying to sing 2 praise and worship songs to God, to remove me from that place.  Though in singing, I didn’t remember all the words to the song, so I just changed up some of the words with words that I felt.  And, as I continued singing, everything just vanished.


After I awoke this morning in distress as I arose out of bed, I could not ignore all that transgressed during the night.  I know that many people may look at this dream as a common nightmare, and they would be correct in their interpretation.  Yet to me it was more than that; and what that is I can’t really say.  And, simply put, in the words of the everyday man, “It is what it is”.

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