Lately I’ve been finding that I am placing more thought in making decisions on my daily schedule.  It seems that to spend time with anyone it requires you to schedule a time slot in their itinerary, with at least 2 days advance notice; just like a business meeting.  Then, once it is scheduled, I have to confirm the meeting on the day of, and be subject to change in case a conflict arises.  I’m finding that as I place more thought into the things I do, the less I desire to spend the energy it requires to spend time with anyone.

I’m reading more now than I’ve ever read before, on my own admission.  A book is more than a whole bunch of papers that are stapled to a binder; but it takes a certain type of mind to see the color in the words on the pages.  How has life changed, I remember the time when I used to hate and scorn reading; reading was actually used as punishment.  Now when I go to my room, one of the first things I look for is my Bible or another book to read (I also look for my guitar).  This is a clear example of the fact that nothing stays the same; I believe even my personality has changed in a way, as my inner confidence continues to grow.

There are few times in which I could notice that my body was different.  For example, when I was in my early twenties and I worked out a lot, I remember my brother visiting home and he told me that I was getting more muscular; even though I didn’t notice my body physical getting bigger.  But after he told me, and I looked at myself, I then could recognize the difference.  Yesterday as I was going to the restroom, immediately after I awoke from sleep, I looked in the mirror and I noticed how time has changed my facial appearance.  Not that I truly care, because of the type of person I am; but it made me recognize that time is constantly going irregardless if I do anything or not.  You know tomorrow I might wake up and look in the mirror, and I’ll be 35.  Then the next day I might wake up and look in the mirror and I’ll be 45.  Hopefully my dog Ginger will still be alive, but I doubt it  🙂  .

Nothing else to say.  I’m about to go workout…

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