Single Ladies…

I feel like my current relationship status as single has helped to spark my interest in a new television drama on Vh1, called Single Ladies.  When I first saw the title, as I was scrolling down or up the list of channels looking for something to watch last week, I had to check it out.  Not knowing what to expect out of the show, except for something that I’m interested in, single ladies.

I usually don’t watch any shows on MTV, BET, or Vh1.  And it’s not just because of the worldly secular content in their shows; but, mainly because the only television shows I like have either some type of intellectual comedic content like Fraiser, or deal with meaningful issues of politics, or informational documentaries, home improvement shows, or nature programs.  The last drama television series I wanted to watch every week was probably the Cosby show, and that went off in the mid ’90s.  That’s probably why I love movies.  I don’t feel like I gain anything from watching the reality shows that are so prevalent on TV, such as Jersey Shore; which is labeled a reality show, but it’s truly about rich young people who live imaginary celebrity lifestyles that encircle around going to clubs, eating out, drinking, and having sex.  How can I… a 31 year old from the country, in ‘smallville’,Louisiana, find anything meaningful inside television programs such as this?  Well, I know a lot of people must watch it, they have to because it’s on TV, but I would rather watch lions run around the Serengeti than watch confused kids act foolishly.

The story line of Single Ladies I believe was designed to be a mix of two previous drama series which focused on the lives of attractive big-city professional women: Sex in the City and Girlfriends.  Honestly, the first thing that caught my attention to the new series was Stacey Dash.  And, it wasn’t just because I find her attractive; I really wanted to see if she had the acting ability to be a main character in a drama series.  There aren’t too many black leading women in any television series, plus she doesn’t have hardly any acting experience playing main character roles, except for in the movie Clueless; and I’ve never seen it before.

I just saw the second episode of the series tonight.  The writers wrote a great line in this episode; I loved the statement made by one of the characters, she stated her view of money, when in a relationship, she said, “My money is my money, and his money is our money.”  I smiled because I know that’s how a lot of women think when it comes to finances in relationships.  Not all!  But some.  You know, I do feel I’m only interested in this show because of my lack of experience in relationships, I feel like I’m learning about women to some extent :), as I watch it.  Plus, I can identify with any show that focuses around the theme of love, because of my true desire to experience and feel love.  I just hope that the show will not become the black version of Baywatch mixed together with Desperate Housewives, where basically the show is all about attractive women showing their bodies, mixed with a little drama on the side.  I guess we’ll have to see.

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  • Maya Moore

    July 6, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    My money is my money…and his money is….well…I believe you know the rest, lol 😉


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