Practical & Spiritual

I find that so many people are confused when it comes to how they should apply wisdom in their lives. Life can present you with so many variations of life situations to where it can be difficult to ascertain how to use wisdom in decision-making. To me there are two types of wisdom: Practical wisdom & Spiritual wisdom. I... Continue Reading →

Dating in your Thirties

As you get older, the harder it becomes to date. The more difficult it is to meet people you're attracted to, find people you're compatible with, people who share similar values, and people who simply want to be in a relationship and are willing to give their time and energy to build a relationship. I am... Continue Reading →


"You reap what you sow"-- this is a phrase that is commonly used, referencing verses in the Bible which helps teach and explain investing. Everyone makes an investment everyday, regardless if it's intentional or unintentional. Each day we choose what we want to do, what we want to eat, the attitude we choose to have,... Continue Reading →

Life Can Be Stressful

I don't spend a lot of quality time with my parents too often, but after listening to one of my friends tell me that he spends hours most weekends hanging out and having pleasing conversations with his parents, it made me feel bad that my relationship with my parents wasn't as fulfilling. And, I felt that... Continue Reading →

Understanding Mortality

There are many examples I have seen in my life which have shown me how fragile life is.  When I was 13, I used to come home from school and sit at the bedside of my grandfather, who was one of my best friends growing up; for five months I watched him slowly lose his... Continue Reading →

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