2016: Remembering My Life

So.. it's another Friday night. And, here I am alone again, only with my guitar by my side and memories on my mind. I thought about writing poetry. Or maybe delve into my emotions and compose a song. But, I don't feel like being creative. While others are dancing in clubs, drinking in a bar,... Continue Reading →

Old Photographs & Past Memories

Waking up. Lying in my bed, it seemed at if it would be just another Sunday morning. Blinking my eyes a few times, looking towards the window to see a glimmer of light trying to make it's way through the curtains covering the window. I turn on my side to check if I still have battery... Continue Reading →

Where Does The Time Go?

At night when I close my eyes I see your face, and your eyes glow I can't get you off of my mind I miss your smile, your heart, and your soul When darkness envelopes the light I still see your face and your eyes glow When you're young, time just flies Oh, where does... Continue Reading →

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