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Lately I’ve been thinking about how fantasy has become so much more attractive to adults than reality. Last night I called my brother and my cousin after I saw the new Marvel superhero movie Black Panther. We discussed all the aspects of the movie like we were Siskel and Ebert 🙂 (you have to be old to remember these two). After we finished talking, there were two things that really stuck out to me:

(1) The market for fantasy movies for adults is soooo large! Adults are going out in droves to see these fantasy comic book or cartoon animated films.

(2) Is it media’s responsibility to create film and television programs that are positive, reflect reality, or that teach/encourage people to “do the right thing”?

Now, let me first say this… Black Panther is a great film. As I’m presently thinking to myself, I would honestly say that it has to be one of the greatest black films of all time. I would put it up there under Do the Right Thing, Coming to America, The Color Purple, Malcolm X and maybe one or two others. (**check those films out if you haven’t seen them)

It is also one of a handful of films that I would pay to watch again. Black Panther has all the things which make an epic entertaining movie for anyone to see regardless of race, culture, or personality. Because the story line of the film focuses on two things which transcend all of humanity… family and love. And, by the way, thumbs up for both director Ryan Coogler and lead actor Chadwick Boseman, as they did excellent jobs in making this film.

I really just wanted to discuss my thoughts that I had about how people are more attracted to fantasy than reality. And, it’s easily seen in entertainment. Just looking how fantasy movies have become so popular and how reality television is so far from true reality, all of this is troubling just to think about.

When I was young I used to collect comic books with my brother. We bought them, read them back and forth, and placed them in plastic binders for protection. A lot of kids my age did the same thing, so I totally understand why adults are interested in these comic book fantasy films. Just as any book which is recreated in a film, it’s really amazing when stories that were read or imagined actually become alive on a movie screen.

But, the thing that bothers me is why other movies can’t draw the same attention as these fantasy movies. Are true-life stories and documentaries less important to where they receive less funding. I feel dramas that promote family structure like The Godfather, or films on young adults like Dead Poets Society… it looks like these types of films aren’t even considered for production anymore.

I feel more adults than ever have become attracted and addicted to fantasy, because it gives them a break from their reality.

In my opinion, this is a serious problem which needs to be addressed. I feel we need to embrace our realities. And if there are issues, put in the work to create a solution or make it better. As technology increases, more people (adults included) are wasting their time… whether its playing a video games, on social media, or arguing about something they can’t change or won’t make the effort to change.

I just feel people have forgotten about the important things in life. And, I see more people who literally don’t know how to respect authority, or who want everything to happen in their lives without putting in the work. Then those same people feel like they can do anything they want in life. Come on man… that’s so crazy to me!

Well, I suppose I have a problem with unrealistic expectations from lazy people 🤔😋😊.

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