Imagine yourself on your morning commute to work, or driving to your local grocery store/market. You get dressed, lock the door to your house, get in your car and now your driving off on your way. Well, today after you get about a mile away from home, you don’t feel the bulge in your pants and instantly you realize… you left your wallet at home!! Oh my goodness! Isn’t that the worst feeling! The fact that you got everything ready and left home, and now after you’ve left, you have to turn around and go back to where you started.

There are times where we all will have to stop what we’re doing, and turn around.

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s where the learning process begins… did you know that tests were created to show people their mistakes, not just grade their intelligence level. It shows your preparation skills, your ability to respond to pressure, your intelligence, and the energy you are willing to put in to further your understanding after checking your answers. Because even if you answered all the questions correctly, you still might not have known they were right at the time when you took the test.

Everyday I’m tested.

How will I prepare for life and all it entails, expected and unexpected? – Will I make up my bed before I leave home? Will I prepare my mind before I go to work and come in with a good attitude? How will I respond under pressure? – When the car in front of me slows down suddenly on my morning commute for no apparent reason, what will I do/say? How am I going to respond to my co-worker/friend when I know he/she is lying to me? Am I using intelligence/wisdom in life? – Am I ignoring bills that I receive in the mail? Am I eating healthy? And, finally after the day is done will I take the time necessary to evaluate my daily actions and learn from them? 

Today as I was driving home, I received a revelation. Actually the situation I experienced was this … I purchased some food at a local Wal-Mart, but as I was leaving I realized that I purchased a few items that I didn’t really need. So, at that time, I had a decision: should I take the items back and get something else that I needed/wanted, or should I just keep the items and put them in the freezer? It honestly seems like a simple choice, one or the other right… but, at the time I was extremely tired and I didn’t want to go back to Wal-Mart. I wanted to forget about it and go home! However, inside my heart I realized that I was being lazy if I didn’t bring those items back.

In life we are constantly moving forward. You can slow down… or you can speed up… it’s your preference, but one thing that will never stop, is time. Since this is true, and no one can stop time; everyone has a choice when they realize they made an error in life, they can either turn around and go back to correct it, or simply live with it. Regardless of your decision, always remember “people who know better should do better”!

***Spiritual Revelation*** — A lot of people ask God for forgiveness, but how many of them actually repent of their sins; which means they didn’t just pray and go back to the way they were living… it means they made a change in their life after they prayed. One translation of “repent” is to literally stop going one way, turn around and go the opposite way.

Laziness will hinder you from getting your blessing. Take the initiative, be proactive, and take authority over the situations in your life so that you can make the necessary changes that will prepare you to receive your blessing. How many people pick up trash they walk by on the sidewalk? Or spend energy on cleaning up their own room? It’s true that we all have a few bad habits, and we can’t turn around to correct everything in life; somethings you just have to let go and let it be. However, if you have wisdom you will discern the priority of what you should spend time correcting, and know that it will be in your best interest to do it, whether it’s in your spiritual life, personal time management, your intimate relationships, or maybe it’s in building your character.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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