I Like You… Maturity in Relationships

Is it just me, or do other single adults find themselves wanting to engage themselves into the lives of other single adults they’re attracted to?  I don’t know.  Sometimes I feel it may be just me.  I’m lying  🙂 . Lol!  I know there are men and women who want to be around people they’re attracted to.  And, NOT just so they can find someone to date or marry… But, simply just to chill out and conversate with.  I feel people need to get out of their self-made atmosphere (work, church, home), and just sacrifice the time and energy and experience some real heartfelt conversations with people.

How many people have closed-minded perceptions on what attraction is?  As soon as I say, “I’m attracted to that girl”, I feel the average person would quickly interpret that into, ‘Jason wants to date that girl’.  Attraction is something that goes deep, and it is not limited to physical attraction.  Truthfully, I am confident in myself enough to recognize beauty in anyone, no matter if they’re a man or a woman; though I usually only express that feeling to women 🙂 .  Plus I feel most women are beautiful, though I’m only attracted to few.  As I get wiser and more mature, I find that most of my relationships are with people who have beautiful spirits, and I’m more attracted to their hearts than their body.  I just love being around people who are positive, encouraging, bold, free, and creative.

I recently have changed something in my life… the attitude in which I have when I approach women.  I used to say to myself, “I like her”, whenever I saw a woman I was attracted to.  And, I felt that thought deep inside.  But, I now understand that the thought, ‘I like her’ was a lie to myself.  How could I believe that I like someone who I’ve never met?  How can I be really attracted, physically and spiritually, to someone who I’ve never spent any time with?  Sometimes after the makeup, the push-up bras, the tight jeans, the weave, and the smile comes off, sometimes the person that lies beneath isn’t that attractive at all.

What I should’ve said to myself is this, “I’m interested in getting to know her.”  And, that is what it’s all about, getting to know someone else that you find attractive.  Because when I say to myself, “I like this girl, she looks cool’, then I’ve already commited my feelings towards her without getting to know her.  Then, afterwards when I find myself realizing that she doesn’t like me the way I like her, I feel that she doesn’t reach my expectations as a girlfriend; when I should’ve never placed those expectations on her to start with.  Because the truth is that I didn’t like her to start with, I was just interested in her.

So now what I say to myself when I come across an attractive women is, “I’m interested in her.”

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