Though Unsatisfied… I am Truly Blessed :)

Looking back on the year up until now… I ask myself, “Jason, what have you accomplished this year?  What am I trying to accomplish this year?  What do I need to place more of my focus upon?”  I ask myself these questions to try and renew my inspiration to pursue my desired goals.  I find it really hard to maintain inspiration in life going through the routine of everyday life.  When an actor begins to perform his lines, the director of the performance tells the actor his motivation.  I’m just like the actor…  and being honest, I believe one reason I read the Bible so much is because in it I find my motivation to live everyday, and feel fulfilled and satisfied with life.  The spring semester is now over, and I’m looking for some motivation, some inspiration, to push me through the summer until next semester begins.

I believe there are some people who find their motivation in their family – their deep passion to provide for the needs of their family, influences almost everything they do and everywhere they go.  Another example, would be a person whose main motivation in life is their great desire to be wealthy and respected – these people may live every day of their lives checking their stocks and investments on NASDAQ, or they may have a high-minded attitude, as they look down at those of lower economic status.  I think a more common motivation that a majority of people have, is the desire to be independent, and almost everything they do stem from their fear of not wanting to submit to anyone, because the idea of living a life without being in complete control is too frightening to comprehend.

PIXAR is an animation film company which everyone knows of, if you are a regular movie viewer.  The story of how PIXAR became such a force in the film industry is a documentary I feel everyone should see.  Their story begins as all humble businesses begin, as an idea (or seed) in a person’s head.  That person’s name is, John Lasseter, he was a film animator for Disney, and he was fired for wanting to pursue creative graphic animation in Disney’s cartoon movies.  He proposed the idea of creating CG (Computer Graphic) films to a young intelligent investor named Steve Jobs, and they created PIXAR.  In the early years of the business, it actually was losing money every year, because no one knew how to sell their computer 2-D animation software, or place the computer graphic special effects in films.  And, in short, they spent years working and developing their animation skills as technology increased.  After years spent hustling, selling software to government agencies and to the medical community, they finally were able to produce a full film, Toy Story, and the movie grossed over 350 million dollars.  What a success!  That is what most thought, and it was a success in part.  But, most of the money gained went to Disney for marketing the movie and investing in the production of it, so basically all PIXAR received from the film was notoriety, which in Hollywood is probably better than money.

The story of PIXAR is so compelling to me, because it shows a company with no set outlook or plan, except their motivation to make their idea of computer graphic film animation come to pass.  They spent years and years achieving little to no success.  But, they were able to stay focused, inspired and motivated until they were able to make their ideas a reality.

The question is, “How long do I have to work?  How much time, energy and money do I have to invest, and what all do I have to do to make MY ideas a reality?”  The answer is… no one knows, except God.  Just think, (as I use PIXAR as an example) how many other graphic artists, who worked for Disney or Warner Bros., that lost their jobs because of the technology of computer graphics.  Probably a lot, and all of them probably had ideas of being successful just like John Lasseter.  So, one man’s success is another man’s failure.

Regardless if I achieve any of my planned goals, I know I’m blessed.  I feel like my true motivation in life comes from reading the Bible.  And, even though I sometimes get tired of reading and I want to just do SOMETHING, and get out of my present life!  I just have to trust I’m doing the right thing, and try and find joy in my everyday life.

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