Website Designer | Graphic Artist

  • Website Building work – I have created and built multiple websites, however because I don’t manage any of them (except for my personal website blog page), and over the years most of them have either been either re-designed or not active (they changed/deleted the domain name of their website). Here are some websites I have built which I know are still active.
  1. – I created and designed this website. The content and images were given to me. I edited some of the images for design purposes. (created through WIX)
  2. – I created everything on this website. I even created/edited 1/3 of the textual content. The choice of text (color, font, size) on some of the pages are not my choice. (created through WIX)
  3. – I created everything on this website. It isn’t as clean as I wanted it, because as I doing the finishing touches I found out that I wasn’t going to receive any payment for it. (created through WIX)
  4. – Though I created this website, I don’t manage it. There have been edits done to it, since I created it. (created through WordPress)
  5. – My personal blog page. (WordPress)
  • Graphic Artist – Below are some images of my graphic design work. I do not have set prices that I charge for creating flyers, logos, or infographics, but I charge based on negotiation and by the amount of time/energy I have to spend working the project. I do have a Pinterest page – I have not saved or archived all of my best image work, but my graphic design skills are on a professional level. I can create or edit basically any type of image. Certain types of images and effects are more difficult to create than others. If you would like for me to create any unique logo, eCard, or infographic, we can definitely discuss your ideas so I can have a clear idea of what your vision is.

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  1. Wow did not know you were a graphic and web designer! I am writing my first book and working on my website as well. How much do you charge for your services?


    1. It depends on the project. But I generally charge $50 an hour, with one free revision.
      I’m honestly booked until 2016 mid year. I can do custom graphic designs, but I don’t have the time right now to create a website.
      Let me know if you’re serious and interested and I’ll send you my phone number.


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