12/5/2015 – Photographer’s MeetUp in New Orleans, LA –

06/7/2015 – Some photos at a social networking event (#LiveInTheSky225) in Baton Rouge, LA. –

04/17/2015 – This is a photo shoot with actor/model Joel Ware in Baton Rouge, LA. –

01/27/2015 – These are some photos of an amazing actress Brittany Parker. I just took some photos of her in some areas in downtown Baton Rouge, LA by the Mississippi river. –

11/30/2014 – I took some photos @ the Mall of Louisiana… really wanted to create some imagery of what it feels like to shop and enjoy yourself on “Black Friday” weekend. I edited all of these photos, and made them black and white. –

11/22/2014 – These are photos from a great event in New Orleans! I attended the Dos Equis Masquerade Ball at the Generations Hall in downtown NOLA. #xxmasquerade #DosEquis –

11/8/2014 – These are photos from a photo shoot with one of my friends; she was a great model! I was very creative when editing these photos. –

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