Politics & Personal Opinions

Can you see the signs of the times? I don't know if I'm becoming more aware of how our government is affecting me through presidential decisions/policies/laws/regulations, or maybe I'm just getting older and that has caused me to become more mature and more concerned about how our leaders in government are protecting and/or violating my... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned

I'm sitting in my apartment listening to instrumental music as I look out of my window into the night. Today was an interesting day to say the least. But, even though today wasn't the best of days... I have to admit that I did enjoy my weekend ūüôā . As I did have the opportunity... Continue Reading →


"Going nowhere fast, we've reached the climax.¬†We're together, now we're undone.¬†Won't commit so we choose to run away... do we separate? Oh, don't wanna give in so we both gave up.¬†Can't take it back, it's too late, we've reached the climax." Those are lyrics from a song Usher co-wrote and performed called "Climax". As I... Continue Reading →

Right or Wrong?

Recently¬†someone wronged me. So, I confronted them about it, thinking maybe they would understand my feelings and ask forgiveness. But, they didn't. They didn't feel like they did anything wrong. What really hurt was that they didn't care about my feelings nor attempt to understand my perspective. That's not right. It made me think to... Continue Reading →

Are You Looking for a Come-UP?

Recently I was reading a blog by a friend where she said that,¬†"In the game of love everybody wants to walk away from the table with a better deal than they are offering". This got me thinking...am I so vain or superficial to only look for women who can offer me more than I have... Continue Reading →

Are You Feeling the Holiday Season?

Man, I just don't feel the Christmas spirit this year. I don't see many people who have put up Christmas lights or decorations. I know there have to be some people out there who may have snowflakes and mistletoe on their doorsteps, Christmas presents under the tree, family and friends visiting each other while baking... Continue Reading →

My Life: Holiday Season

The holidays are swiftly approaching. In less than seven days Thanksgiving will be come and gone, and in another month Christmas will have followed suit. I wish I could enjoy the holiday season, and celebrate it the way I feel it was meant to be celebrated. Eggnog and turkey, red sweaters and scarves, smiles and... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Breathe

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt ignored, unsupported, undervalued, or felt disrespected by someone? I know everyone has felt that way¬†at one time or another. There is no drug that makes you ignore their words, or aloe vera to heal the heart wound caused by the individual(s), eventually you just have... Continue Reading →

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