November Dreaming…

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm usually in church or actually leaving from church right about now. But, this weekend has been a little different for me. Fyi, tomorrow will actually mark the second week that I've been living in New Orleans, and as of right now I really believe I made the right choice to... Continue Reading →

Approaching Someone You Like

No one likes rejection. Let me emphasize that, NOBODY likes to be rejected! So, it's hard for both men and women to find the courage to approach someone they're attracted to. Everyone has an experience where they were in some type of social venue, like a coffee shop, and they caught eyes with someone they were... Continue Reading →

What is FAIR… Really?

Lately I have been thinking on the idea, that I (or people in general) deserve to be treated fairly. Then I thought to myself... what is fair? Is life fair? As my only perspective of fairness comes from my personal experiences, living on a planet where I feel that there are a lot of natural... Continue Reading →

The Truth Hurts

The truths of some people's lives have hurt them so bad, to where it's easier for them to believe in a lie. And, they end up living their lives outside of reality, and only give invitations out to a select few for visitation. Because most people cannot handle the truth.Here are some truths that I... Continue Reading →

Labeled by Association

Is it true that you associate yourself with who you spend time with and what you do? The answer is yes. Regardless if you believe this or not, it's widely recognized that a person can be generalized as the average of their 5 closest friends. So what does this say?? Well, today it says to... Continue Reading →

Old Photographs & Past Memories

Waking up. Lying in my bed, it seemed at if it would be just another Sunday morning. Blinking my eyes a few times, looking towards the window to see a glimmer of light trying to make it's way through the curtains covering the window. I turn on my side to check if I still have battery... Continue Reading →

An Unforgettable Weekend!!

This is a story that captures just a few days of my life. In this past weekend I had the chance to experience the most beautiful memories that will last me a lifetime. I also was able to spend quality time with some great people and create relationships that I feel will last me a... Continue Reading →

Hoop Dreams

It is a mystery to those who have never really been passionate about anything, to have them understand how someone could fall in love with playing a sport.  As a young teenager I was one of those people who didn't understand... until basketball became a part of me.  Today I saw a documentary of two... Continue Reading →

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