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Truth Session #1 – Random Thoughts

Lately I have become more inclined to speak my feelings with a little more bluntness, along with sprinkles of truth and sincerity. It’s time that I start acknowledging my feelings, and place a higher value on expressing my heart rather than on other people’s feelings. Not that I intend to be rude or negative, as I want to speak life into the world around me. Love doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes you have to tell people things they may not like… it takes courage to be honest and speak truth in love.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.. and I had no one to kiss. Awww… 🙂

What comes to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day are the pretty girls smiling in the hallway between classes in high school, as they hold teddy bears and presents from their boyfriends or secret admirers. Over the years I have given my share of red roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, candles, gifts, etc. out to women. I appreciate taking a day to celebrate romance & love. Yet what does this holiday mean to me really? And, now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever receiving anything on Valentine’s Day. So essentially, to me, Valentine’s Day is oftentimes a reminder of unreciprocated love.

Earlier tonight I asked myself, “Why is Valentine’s Day even celebrated?“, so I researched it a little. It is a Roman Catholic holiday that celebrated the life of a saint who was martyred like over a thousand years ago. Click here to read about it… it’s very interesting.

I called this blog Truth Sessions because I want to start taking time to answer and expound on questions that I see being asked by my female friends. Real questions need real answers.

What is the benefit of marriage?

I believe many people, both married and unmarried, really have a tough time answering this question. People in our generation are becoming more inconsistent with their ideas and thoughts. No thought, belief, or way of life is universally accepted. Being ignorant or hypocritical in how you define your ideas or beliefs will lead to a life of inconsistency and confusion.

First let’s define marriage. Marriage is a public union between two people where the participating partners grant each other mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities. Marriage is essentially the main determining factor in how families are built and children are raised.

In modern society, many adults in my generation were raised in single-parent homes, have experienced the pain of divorce, and don’t have many friends who are happily married. So, I totally understand the question. Women who don’t trust in relationships, who have no conviction about having sex outside of marriage, who are selfish, who are happy with being alone, who fear the idea of being submissive, and who are financially independent or receive government assistance… to her, marriage has NO benefit.

However… to the woman who is giving, who desires a committed relationship that provides intimacy, safety and financial security, who has convictions about having sex outside of marriage, who needs a support system, who has friends and family who are happily married, and who cares about the mental and emotional well-being of their family… she can easily see the benefits of marriage.

I get it. A woman doesn’t need a man to define her or bring her happiness (and vice versa). However, marriage does serves a purpose. It is and has been a fundamental part of humanity. Though marriage does has religious roots & origins (like most things, I would like to add), it still has many benefits to all people despite their religious beliefs. I also realize everyone is not meant to be married. Personally, I have a strong desire to find a wife. I need intimacy & I definitely don’t want to live alone. I know what I want. Just having a hard time finding a woman who wants me.

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