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The Fear of Being Submissive

Earlier today, I received a text of a social media post regarding a woman’s idea of submission. At first I just glanced at it and continued what i was doing before. Thinking to myself, “Oh, this is another rant from another hurt woman regarding being submissive in a relationship.” But, after a few minutes, it was as if something hit me. Just like the founding fathers of our country led the fight for America’s independence from Britain, in a very similar way, it seems as if a lot of women feel the need to fight for independence & power within relationships.

The most interesting thing to me is wondering why so many women, who have so much freedom and financial authority feel so suppressed? Or victimized?

I believe our country, is shaking. And because of poor leadership, and unjust enforcement of laws, our country is beginning to wage a war against many of the core principles of Christianity, which is the foundation of America.

The Bible is essentially what most of America’s laws and beliefs are rooted within. And, so many things are changing. Even our interpretation of scripture is changing… there are so many versions of the Bible, there are so many different denominations of Christianity.

So many of our core beliefs are changing. Just in the last few years, a child now has the power to change their gender. That’s crazy to me! Our leaders say outright lies and spread hate without repercussions. And, the types of Christian character traits which I was taught to exemplify are almost mythical to so many people today.

Like being compassionate, having a heart to serve others, practicing self-control, respecting and honoring elders in the community, or sacrificing for the greater good. We live in a culture where people want everything to be comfortable, quick and easy. But, anyone with any wisdom and life experience will tell you, the best and closest relationships are all established through trials and the test of time.

The best relationships are built over time.

After reading that social media post, I also thought if I were to ask some of my female friends what submission meant to them, what would they say? I probably would receive completely different answers, like…

Every woman knows what submission is not, few know what it is.

What’s so ironic is that the Bible never mentions anything about women being submissive to men, just for the sake of. The Bible only mentions women being submissive when in regard to marriage. I suppose all of it just points out to the deep issues regarding submitting to authority. And, it speaks to the large amount of hurt insecure women who don’t know how to love themselves, or had anyone build up their inner confidence… which is ultimately a result of poor parenting.

The fear associated with submitting to someone you love only comes from ignorance. No matter what gender you are, we should never fear being in a relationship. But, everyone should fear entering into relationships with insecure or selfish people, because they aren’t able to love themselves enough to show love outwardly. Our respect and love for ourselves (and God who created us) should determine the types of decisions we make when creating romantic relationships.

And, there are always exceptions… as forgiving someone’s actions and accepting them is two different things. And, I feel no one should live in a toxic environment just to prove their love. Life is crazy sometimes. I believe if I pray for wisdom, be willing and open to accept criticism, learn from my mistakes and trust the process… everything will work out just fine.

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