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My Funny Love Life

February 14th. Valentine’s day. A day to celebrate romance. It’s a special time out of the year where the little girls and women expect to receive some type of gift, and all the little boys and men hoping for a kiss or some affection. However, this past Valentine’s day and honestly the past few months have been so lonesome. Not that I truly care about candy, flowers, etc. but, I wouldn’t mind some female attention every now and again :).

The best & worst part of my love life is that I have options.

I know there are women out there who are attracted to me. I may not be attracted to them 🙂 , but still. Although attraction is only half the battle, it is still a big part. And, with a little patience and a few flirtatious words I can meet someone special at any time. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter when most of the women who I’m attracted to don’t live close to me. Then again… maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know.

In every relationship, whether it’s a friend, family member or love interest… eventually, your patience will be tested. For me, I value my time and energy. I hate wasting time. And, though I’m pretty patient, even my patience will grow thin after spending half an hour on the phone listening to ignorance.

This blog is more of a rant than anything else. I’m just tired of being alone. I’m tired of dealing with crazy women. I suppose I’m just tired. My funny love life has caused me to recognize two important truths. (this might help someone)

  1. Find Balance in Love – I have always felt that true love is open, heartfelt, transparent, and free. Well… not everyone feels that way. If you’re a giver never enter into a relationship with a taker. The balance is finding someone who won’t abuse your natural expressions of love.
    I find that many women (especially black women) aren’t looking for a true intimate heart-connection, when dating. In many cases they want just enough sex & intimacy to satisfy their desires every so often, and someone to call when bored or in need of something. Not that I feel all black women are the same. Just in my experiences, I have found that most (if not all) of the black women I’ve dated, their idea of a boyfriend or husband looks more like a sugar daddy instead of a life partner or friend.
    Why is it so rare to find a wealthy black man with a black woman? Or why is it that so many intelligent attractive black women are single? Food for thought.
  2. Love Isn’t Perfect, but it’s Not Toxic Either – Wisdom will not always tell you when enough is enough. Sometimes love will make you blind to the truth, and place hope in people who don’t deserve it. Tina Turner said it best, “What does love have to do with it?“, as love is not enough to make any relationship work. Someone can love you with all their heart, yet still not be good for you.

You know, I recently went on a date with someone. It was horrible. It was one of the worst dates I’ve ever been on in my life. As soon as I began to talk to her, I realized that we were totally incompatible. She knew it to… she even tried to hook me up with her friend, while on our first date!

All to say… my love life is funny right now. If you want wisdom on relationships, don’t ask me :).

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