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2018: Marriage, Fatherhood, New House and a New Life

Life is so interesting to me… there was a time when I had all the time in world to do whatever I wished. Now, I’m so busy that I have to schedule time to rest and relax. If anything is true in this world, it’s true that nothing lasts forever and cherish the moments in time that you are able to spend with those you love, and those who love you.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. As I was getting in the bed tonight, I really felt the desire to take time and write out some feelings that I’ve been having. I don’t know who this is for… or who will be reading this, but I definitely feel God was telling me to write tonight.

Last year, 2017, was a year that I experienced so many things. The year started off with me finishing my last course in my graduate program and getting my Master’s degree in Business. This was a huge accomplishment for me!! I went back to graduate school at 35 years old and got my M.B.A…. I still wonder how I did it. This past year has also been great for me financially. Not to brag, but I made enough money working at my job this year, that I was able to save more money than I earned total in the year before last.

I’m also made some real tough, real serious, and real mature decisions last year. One was to embrace my responsibility as a future father, and prepare my life for my child. The other was to invest my time, energy, and heart into my girlfriend to help grow our relationship with each other. And, just a few weeks ago, I proposed to her over the holidays and she said, “Yes!” 🙂 So… I suppose I’m getting married pretty soon :).

Earlier tonight I was talking with a friend about relationships. And, I know I’m not Dr. Phil or Oprah, but I do know a little something about the subject of love. We were discussing why is it that so many professional attractive men/women in our generation so comfortable with living the single life? I see so many single adults in their late 20’s and 30’s who are either recovering from divorce they had earlier in life, too focused on their career, unavailable emotionally, or they just have such a hard time finding someone to share love with. I said this…

I believe that it is almost impossible to truly value a relationship with someone when you don’t need them.

Our lives are filled with so many options on how we spend our time and where we invest our energy/finances. Eventually, when I made the decision to be with my fiancee, I came to a conclusion that I need her in my life if I want to be happy. And, I haven’t always felt that way about her. That feeling manifested itself over time, and is the product of a lot of sacrifices and invested quality time.

Well, as I lay in my bed thinking about life, my job and how I’m going to plan my career now that I have a family, my relationship with my fiancee and learning to live with her imperfections… I’m overcome with a supernatural peace of mind.

I can’t worry about the things I can’t control.

I think 2018 is going to be a great year for me. I’m going to try my best to be the best father, husband, person and entrepreneur. I pray that God grants me favor in all I do, gives me wisdom in my decisions, and I’m looking forward to all that this year has to offer.

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