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My Depressing Dating Life

My dating life sucks right now. It seems as if every woman who I find attractive either lives thousands of miles away, is in a committed relationship, or she is simply not interested in me. It’s even hard to find someone to flirt with! And, the sad part about it all is that I don’t know what to do about it.

This blog may be a little more transparent than most, as I have been feeling so unhappy lately. And, I have no one to call to express my heart to about this, as most of my friends are either busy living their life or aren’t in a good space to offer me any sincere empathy or good wisdom.

Today I was so depressed about my dating life that I downloaded Tinder (a dating app on my smartphone) and created an account. And, I even matched with someone, but after I messaged her she never replied. As I swiped left time after time I became depressed, as I saw pictures and read the short bios of single people on Tinder. So, I deleted my account, as I thought to myself… “I don’t want to talk to any of these women.”

I’ve even reached out to various women over the last few weeks, asking them on dates, texting them to see how they’re doing, just trying to get to know them or spend time with them… and in those attempts, I was either ignored or rejected. Sometimes I feel like single women would rather be alone than to spend time with me. I’m at the point where today I searched the internet for marriage/relationship conferences around the country and considered registering for one of them.

I’m so tired of hearing about how hard it is for single women to find a good man. I’m tired of hearing stories about guys messing over women. It’s like, look over here (waving my hands)! Give me a chance, I’ve never messed around on anyone. I’ve always been honest. I don’t have kids. I’m intelligent. I’m not ugly 🙂 . I eat healthy. I’m a man of my word. I’m a good communicator and a good listener. I have a great job. I have great friends. I’ve never had a STD (which is a huge plus). I’m funny… etc. So, why can’t I find a good woman? What’s wrong with giving me a chance?! Sometimes I wonder if God has even forgotten about my desire for a family?

If my relationship status doesn’t change soon, I may look to move from Louisiana. I feel like most single women I’m attracted to here are either divorced, have children, or aren’t looking for a relationship. And, most of those who are divorced or have kids, are still in an on & off relationship with their ex’s. I feel like women here don’t value guys like me, and I need to move, get a fresh start, find my happiness and get my confidence back.

One of my good friends recently told me that he felt like he was never going to get married, and that he doesn’t think he would ever meet a woman who he would want to have any kids with. Well, I’m not like him… at least not yet. I haven’t lost hope that I will eventually marry someone I love and start a family.

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