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Finding Happiness

The last few days have been trying on me. I’m usually a pretty jovial guy, as I like to smile, be around others who are positive and in good spirits. But, this past week has been filled with reasons which has caused me to be indifferent at times, unhappy at other times, and overall has pulled against my natural nature to create my current “blah” attitude towards everything. Even as I’m writing this blog, I’m thinking to myself, “why am I writing this?” What am I benefiting from writing my heart out on the world wide web?

I feel that I’m having to place more of an effort into doing things that make me happy. I may need to invest more of my time and energy into activities that I enjoy. Well, first I would need to identify them. Nevertheless, happiness used to come to me like a magnet to a refrigerator door. Now-a-days it doesn’t come that easily.

So, what do I need to do in order to find my happiness? For some people, all they have to do is buy a bottle of wine and have some “quality time” with their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. I remember one of my friends, whenever she would feel down or need a little love, she would go buy a pint of Blue Bell Praline’s and Cream ice cream, and watch a romantic comedy. And, that would make her feel better. I suppose she loved ice cream :).

My happiness is not a formula that can be answered with food, or with a movie. Maybe I need to go to the gym, or maybe I need to get some more friends who have time for me, as almost everyone I know is sooo busy living their lives. But, I honestly feel like all I need is some female attention. Sort of like when I would run inside after I cut or hurt myself playing outside as a child, and mom used to kiss and bandage whatever limb I hurt that day, and soon afterwards I suddenly would stop crying and run back outside to play. Sometimes all you need in life is for someone who cares about you to tell you everything is going to be alright.

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