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Plans, Goals, Dreams… Reality

Last night I watched a documentary on O.J. Simpson, it’s actually really good by the way; it’s called O.J. Made In America. When anyone in my generation thinks of O.J. Simpson, they automatically think of the trial of the century, when he was put on trial in criminal court for killing his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Rob Goldman. But, the documentary showed so much more than that as it focused on O.J.’s life in the media, race relations in Los Angeles during the 60’s and 70’s, true stories of O.J.’s close friends from his childhood, O.J.’s life after the trial, and so much more.

What I learned from it all, is that every story has another story behind it. And, to truly understand that story you need to know the history behind it. It made me think about things going on in today’s society like the #Blacklivesmatter movement. I feel there are a lot of people who don’t know why this is even a movement. #Blacklivesmatter didn’t start because African-Americans felt their lives matter to the majority of Americans, and they are treated equal having the same inalienable rights, and priviledges as everyone else. #Blacklivesmatter was created because of a corrupt justice system, a large number of crimes against African-Americans by police that has gone unnoticed for centuries, and recent technology.

This is why knowing your history is so important. Because those who have no understanding of their history, don’t truly respect those who made it possible for them to be who they are. And, those who don’t know their true identity will ultimately live with a false sense of how they are perceived by others, and they will also have unrealistic plans, goals, and dreams for their life.

Everyone has a purpose. Your life has a purpose, my life has a purpose. My plans, goals, and dreams are based upon how I identify myself. I have never had dreams of being an astronaut, fashion designer, chef, radio host, etc.. because I identified myself first with my dad, other positive male role models in my life and I absolutely adored bro. Larry (my spiritual father, pastor and friend).

My family history and legacy consists of my father and grandfather being farmers. In the back of my mind I always thought that I would eventually follow in their footsteps when I was given the opportunity. That was my Plan A. And, my actual day-to-day life and career was always my Plan B.

Now that life has happened, and reality has set in. I realize now that my Plan B is my Plan A. I am now 36. I feel time passing me by every day. I’ve stopped dreaming as much when it comes to what I want to accomplish in life. I think one important aspect of maturity is knowing your limitations. I don’t have time to dream anymore, I need to wake up and live! Because life will pass me by.

Now more than ever… it’s time that I need to pray for God to reveal His purpose for my life. I now want my plans, goals, and dreams to align with God’s plans. So that His plan for my life becomes my Plan A.

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