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Are We Moving Too Fast?

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I recently starting dating a lady who has captured my heart. She is so very special to my heart, to the point that I even second-guessed writing this blog, feeling that it might place a wrench in our relationship which is currently running so smoothly. Yet, I feel there are a lot of people who would benefit from my transparency and simply seeing that two Christians can find true love in the Big Easy 🙂 … and see that is possible for God to provide someone to compliment their life, so they can have someone to love and who loves them.

Being in my mid-thirties, so many of my friends and family know that I’ve been waiting for love, or the right relationship. I’ve been trying to put myself in the right situation so that I can find someone who loves me for me, while also searching for the right lady who shares my same values and desires so that I can love her for her. And, though I’ve only known my special lady for honestly a few weeks, it seems like we’ve known each other for years, because our spirits are so closely aligned.

It is now, after finding love, that I really feel that people should wait patiently to meet the right someone, and not spend too much time dating random people just to not be alone. It’s like I enjoy our relationship so much more and I have a lot more of my heart to share, because I haven’t shared it with so many other women.

Almost all of my friends and family who’ve met her love her, and they only have one issue about our relationship. Our age difference. She’s 12 years younger than me. People are so quick to point out that I was learning Calculus while she was learning her ABC’s. But, I don’t feel our age difference matters at all, nor does she. And, that’s the end of that. People have also criticized that we are moving too fast, as we only met a few weeks ago. I am mature enough to know love can make a person blind, which has led me to ponder inside my heart and ask myself the question, are we moving too fast? 

In my heart I truly believe that we are moving fast, but is it really TOO fast? I don’t think so at all. It may seem like that to others, but really… does it really matter what other people think? Well, I can honestly say that I do care about the opinions of a few people (and they know who they are), but I could care less what most people think of me, what I do, and who I share my love with.

I really feel the lyrics in Sade’s song, Nothing Can Come Between Us… “It’s about faith… it’s about trust“. And, I know I’m not perfect, nor is she. Everywhere we go people stop and stare at us. They can see that our love is real. I really feel that the closest people to you are people who you can laugh with, and cry with, because they love you at your best and when you are at your worst. Plus, I really feel in my heart that God has blessed our relationship. There is no formula for love, all you can do is pray and have the courage to put yourself in uncomfortable positions, and you can only receive what you have to give. I pray you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

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