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Are You Feeling the Holiday Season?

Man, I just don’t feel the Christmas spirit this year. I don’t see many people who have put up Christmas lights or decorations. I know there have to be some people out there who may have snowflakes and mistletoe on their doorsteps, Christmas presents under the tree, family and friends visiting each other while baking cookies and singing Christmas carols… well, it isn’t the case for me.

Even the weather is warm outside. Climate change is affecting the holidays! There aren’t really any movies or any media that I’ve seen, outside of my church promoting Christmas events, that are really promoting Christmas this year. Maybe I’ve been too busy in life to worry about it. Even last month’s Thanksgiving holidays didn’t feel right, and out of the norm for me. Our family didn’t come together and have a united family holiday experience like we normally do due to people having other plans.

Can you believe that I haven’t bought one Christmas present yet! What I’m beginning to understand is that I have to take responsibility for my Christmas experience or holiday spirit, and I need to make it what I want it to be. 

It’s the holidays for God’s sake! Where is the family cheer? Where are people coming together? Where are the jingle bells and red sweaters?

Ok, the bottom line is that I went to visit my mom and dad yesterday and I didn’t expect to feel what I felt… I’m still gaining understanding of the feelings I felt. You know, I go to my mom’s house… silence, I could feel the emptiness inside her home as I walked inside. Though she had some Christmas decorations up, it always worries me that she lives alone. I go to my dad’s house… he and my stepmom are just going about life as if the holidays were just another day.

After seeing my parents, I didn’t feel like Christmas was a week away. I know they were happy to see me, and I know they love me. But, where is the Christmas spirit? I suppose I can’t ask someone to give what they don’t have.

Does anyone feel me? I know not everyone has my perspective. So, please feel free to share your feelings about Christmas this year, and your plans and expectations for Christmas?

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