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Creation. What Do You Believe?

If you can read this then you are a human born from a woman, who was impregnated by the sperm of a man, which ultimately yielded you. People want to talk about life… well, let’s talk about life. First, I want to address creation. In this journey called life, I believe that it’s so valuable to know where you came from, especially if you want an idea of where you’re going.

All life starts from a seed. Just think… there is enough information in one small apple seed that is able to produce a huge apple tree with many more apples. Every human being on earth was born from a woman. It’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Sex between a male and a female is the natural way to birth any mammal. Now with all the technology in the world, doctors are now able to impregnate a woman’s egg without her having sex, but anyone with eyes to see, can see that’s not natural.

Now, the real question is how did this whole world get created? I believe it was created by a supreme being who I call God. The God I believe is the God spoken of in the Bible. Now, people question, choose to or choose not to believe everything. There are some people who question if there are other planets in the universe, or if there are aliens, or if God exists at all.

We all know that nothing cannot create something. So, something had to create humans and everything else. It didn’t just pop up out of thin air from the Big Bang, or there would constantly be cavemen or monkeys that would appear randomly from out of the river. Everything that I see everyday was created or shaped by someone. So, in my opinion there has to be a God, a higher power, that created this world.

It requires a certain level of faith to believe anything that you didn’t see with your eyes. The Bible says that, “…without faith it is impossible to please God.” I’m not trying to market my belief in the Bible… the truth is the truth whether I believe it or not. But, faith is something different, it has to be developed inside of your heart.

No one knows everything, this is true. One thing is certain in life, if you are born eventually you will die. And, though I may disagree with Pascal (French philosopher, mathematician,  physicist) on many things, he did provide a logical opinion on God and eternal life in what is known as Pascal’s wager, which basically states this.

I’d rather live my life as if there is a God and when I die have the possibility of receiving happiness and eternal life, than to live not believing in God and when I die receive nothing.

So even if you believe in God, how do you know which religion has the true knowledge of God? You just know. There is no way to better explain it. If God is God, then He cannot be reduced to a human analysis or formula for His existence. I have faith that the Bible was written by men who were inspired by God. Am I religious… no. Do I love others, as I want to be loved… yes. And, that’s basically all God wants us to do, because God is love.

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