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That Special Someone

Anyone who is living in the single life with aspirations of meeting someone special is looking for just that… someone who is special. They don’t want just any person off the street holding up a sign saying, “Looking for love”. I want someone who gives me butterflies when I see their text messages, and makes me smile when I think of them. I’m not just looking for a big butt and a smile, even Bell Biv Devoe said that type of girl is poison 🙂 .

This weekend I went to hang out with a friend of mine who bar-tends at a restaurant downtown. After we socialized for a few hours, getting ready to leave I thought to myself, “It’s Saturday night, why I am going home to do nothing? I’m looking to meet a woman, and I’m not going to find her at home. So let me walk around and see what’s popping out here.

So, I walked by a few bars or clubs where I saw some people my age chilling out. I honestly felt so weird, because I hadn’t done this in a while, especially by myself! But, I think I looked cool, I definitely was better dressed than most of the guys I saw out and about. Anyway, so I stop at a bar that looked cool, walked around it to get a good feel of the place, and to check out for any women I wanted to flirt with. It was filled with mostly young white people (so I knew my chances were very slim in finding someone). Anyways, I sit at the bar, I see a black woman that I know I’m friends with on Facebook. I go over and introduce myself, but she acted as if I was bothering her and was very short which made me feel like she didn’t want to talk. It was cool… no worries, “Nice to meet you too.”

Walking to my car, I realized something. My perspective of her on Facebook was totally different than what I experienced from her in person. Though I respectfully approached her like I would any other person (without the intention to flirt with her), she blew me off and didn’t respect me. But, I understood why she responded the way she did. I know her type. She probably thought she was high class stuff, because there weren’t a lot of black women there, and I wasn’t notable enough to make her feel special.

Nevertheless, it did help me realize the nature of our relationship. Though we had been friends on social media for years, we were strangers in real life.

I can see that I’m becoming more mature and wiser when it comes to choosing relationships. I meet all types of women, as I look for a woman to date and spend time with. I meet attractive women, older women, boring and lazy women, I meet women who are focused on their careers, some women who have kids that are the focal point of their whole life, there are women who are so interesting and beautiful, overweight husky women, and other women who just want a cool guy to kick it with and have sex on the weekends. All in all, I just want a special someone. And, I would rather be alone than be with someone for the wrong reasons, or who doesn’t make me happy.

It’s not hard meeting people, it’s hard meeting the right people.

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