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Gone Too Soon

I can see through the smile on your face

To the agony in your soul,

How can anyone dare to understand

The paths your feet have treaded upon

You fought what seemed to be a war

A battle was waged between your body and your soul

Embracing the moment, now your race is done

Alone you are, by yourself with no one to lean on

A rose among thorns you were

Filled with life, your words will live forever

You were an original, unique, one of a kind

No regrets you lived a full life, though still you were only here for a time

The life you lived was far from perfection

Nevertheless, who knew that someone so special as you

Who was loved by so many, and so talented, favored, and blessed

Would ever be…

Gone Too Soon, Gone Too Soon, Gone Too Soon

…I love you

~ a poem by Jason Perry (dedicated to my Uncle Sonny)

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