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Superficial Beauty

In 1982 Dustin Hoffman starred in a movie called Tootsie. It’s really a very funny movie, honestly. The story line goes basically like this… Dustin Hoffman is the main character, who is an actor that no one wants to hire. So, being desperate for a job he tries dressing up as a woman to secure a role, and he ultimately becomes a successful actress. It’s a great movie, you just have to see it!

Even though I feel that it’s a great classic film, I’m not writing this blog to promote it. I recently saw a Dustin Hoffman interview, where he spoke about beauty, and his revelation that he came to during the process of making the film. I thought that it was powerful, and I wanted to share it… Watch this interview.

They way most people view beauty is so superficial, and that’s including me. Everyday we see some type of image that is promoting something. You can’t go anywhere without seeing some type of promotion, whether it’s a picture of an actor promoting a movie or television show, a model that’s promoting a fashion clothing line, or a picture of paid models that are promoting a specific product. The social media in our society is one of the biggest influences of our perception of what is beautiful.

We have to learn how to see the beauty in each other. How do you determine what’s attractive? Like Dustin said in his interview, “…there are too many interesting women that I have not the experience to know in this life, because I have been brainwashed…”

To all the women who may not think that they are pretty, beautiful, or desired… don’t allow society to brainwash you and tell you who you are, or who you are not. We all are beautiful!!  🙂

Proverbs 23:7 – “For as he thinks within himself, so he is..”

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