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What Do You Believe In?

I was watching a famous celebrity on a talk show today, as he was discussing the various things in his life. One thing he said really stirred up my spirit, because it’s something that touched a topic I deal with all the time; being true to yourself. He talked about how one of the hardest things for someone to do, is for them to be true to themselves… especially when everybody is watching.

To really understand myself, I really have to ask myself questions all the time. I think sometimes I don’t even realize how diverse and complex I am, until I hear my own answers to these questions. I try to answer questions like these:

What do I really believe? Am I doing the right things? Am I surrounding myself with the right friends? Am I focusing my time on things that are positive?  Am I looking out for myself and my well-being, as I make decisions? Do I really even know what I want? What do I have to do in order for me to feel like I “Made It”?

I feel for me, and it maybe this way for most people, that it is what we believe in, that ultimately drives our actions. But, how do you feel when you find out that the people/things in which you placed your trust in were of no value, and your trust was misplaced? What do you say to yourself when you realize that the people who you thought were your friends, don’t even love you enough to answer their phone when you call? And, though I’m a very confident person and I want to invest my time and energy into the things that are the most valuable… I know it is imperative that I have a clear understanding on what I consider to be valuable, because it seems like everyday I’m finding myself in a situation where I’m making critical decisions about my future, my relationships, and my career.

One thing I feel that I have to do more, is to stand up for the things I believe in. And, it starts with knowing exactly what I want and what I believe, and knowing how I feel about it. Life is more than just waking up in the morning, and eating, talking, and doing whatever else just to get that day over with. I am beginning to recognize more than ever, that I am going to be held responsible for the time that I spend everyday living my life. And, no one has to hold me accountable, because I hold myself accountable.

So when you sit down to ask yourself, “what do you believe in?” Think about it, you might want to ask yourself questions like… Do you believe in love? Do you want real friendships? And then ask yourself, “what are you doing to make your wants a reality, and do your actions correlate to your beliefs?” Because I think that it will help you focus and keep yourself accountable.

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